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To Breathe or Not to Breathe - Air Quality that kills

My friend Vidal had to be rushed to the emergency because of an inability to BREATHE.  The doctor said that he had a virus in his lungs.  His regular doctor had told him that he had ‘exercise induced asthma.’   Neither one could explain why it occurred only at his home.  Was it allergies? Food allergies?  Dust mites?  Pet dander?  Environmental pollution? All of the above?  On top of a virus in the lungs and exercise induced asthma?  The medicine given at the emergency room worked only temporarily and the inhaler barely helped at all.  Daily cleaning of the house was not enough. 

FINALLY, at the recommendation of a friend, he found an air filter that solved the problem.  Not just any air filter, because he already had three air filters in his house and still had problem breathing.  This air filter was different.  ORECK air filters clean the air significantly better than their competitors.  The difference was immediate.  He was able to breathe in his own home.  Even I could ‘breathe’ the difference.  It wasn’t a smell or lack of a smell, it was actually easier to breathe with this filter on.  HEPA filters have been the best that any of us could get to clear air but  ORECK has a better permanent filter called the Truman Cell.** 

Last week, I walked out of the house and promptly started coughing and clearing my throat.  WHY?  Because of smoke that came to Seattle from wild fires east of the mountains.  These terrible fires that were destroying forestry and homes on the other side of the mountains brought carcinogenic smoke to Seattle.   Fog today?  No, just smoke hiding the sun.  It has been stated that indoor air quality is 5 times worse than outdoor air quality.  Is that still true?  Or is it now safer to breathe inside air rather than outside air?  Do we have a choice?


**HEPA filters capture 99.97% of particles from the air passing through the filter, preventing them from moving through to the other side. HEPA filters will eventually capture so many particles (depending on usage and environment) that their efficiency is compromised — and they will have to be replaced. Permanent filters, also known as electrostatic precipitators (or EP filters), are composed of a series metal plates and wires. Particles from the air are positively charged as they enter the cell wires and then are attracted to negatively charged plates (much like a magnet) where they stick until cleaned off. Whatever the type of air purifier and filter used, note that all the air in a room may not pass through the filter.







Soft Modern Kitchen

What is soft modern?  Modern design without the ‘coldness’ of what we associate with modern.  Soft Modern incorporates ‘tactical’ elements to balance against smoothness, ‘friendly’ colors that are muted and relaxing.  Round shapes are allowed to associate with rectangular shapes.  I was happy to be selected as the designer for this Soft Modern kitchen.

 I call this kitchen ‘Earth Water & Air’ because of the materials selected and their relationship to these natural elements.  Usually, a design using ‘natural materials’ has a dominant color of browns which represent wood.  In this case, soft reflective gloss green cabinets remind us of water,  little globe lights bubble in the atmosphere.  Blue and green mosaic tile creates a sense of air or smoke going up the hood and the satin textured granite counters say ‘stone’ in the very basic sense of the word.  The granite has a very subtle color without normal busyness of granite patterning.  The ‘hand’ of the stone, a subtle but distinct texture, along with the color, was the basis of the entire design, providing our first strong relationship to nature.  The enlarged windows allow this family to be ‘one’ with the outside elements.

Take a look at all the pictures of this kitchen on our website under portfolio/kitchens.  

With gratitude, Christine


Micro Current and Cancer

Recently I wrote about electromagnetic frequencies and the effects on the human body.  I neglected to tell you why I had such an interest in electricity and the body.  My father invented a machine that uses low levels of electricity (micro current) to re-educate muscles.  It is used extensively in both the sports medicine field and the aesthetic field (micro current face lifts.)  He was also a big proponent of the positive benefits of micro current on the entire body, the lymphatic system and the effects of micro current on our bodies on a cellular level. My dad was known for correctly analyzing ailments by studying the TMJ of the person in front of him.  People were always amazed at how accurate he was.  Given the opportunity, he would continue and cure the ailment through the use of micro current.

He also developed a procedure which he called Psychological Clearing' that treated physiological reactions through the use of micro current.  In other words, if you had claustrophobia, your symptons of stress would be removed and you would be free of that phobia.  This is relevant to my discussion of electromagnetic frequencies because many people can 'see' throughts as frequencies of color that can be changed.  In this case, the frequency of your mental/phsiological state is changed with micro-current.

Recently, I stumbled upon information on Dr Ramesh Singh Chouhan, who studied INDUCED CANCER REGRESSION "not using chemotherapeutic agents or radiation, but using micro-electric currents and consists of wiring up the tumor to a current source and causing a regression of the tumorous cells.  Rehabilitation of the delinquent caner cells is a more intelligent method than destroying them with radiation."

THIS IS BIG.  Basically this information is saying that the machine that my father invented could reduce cancerous tumors.  I rushed this information to my dad at his hospital bed and for the first time in weeks, saw a glimmer in his eyes.  Not because he thought his machine was going to cure him; at this point the cancer was all over his body.  But that his machine could cure others of cancer and that his theories on the healing properties of micro current were finally being validated.

My cousin Rachel share at his memorial, James Y Suzuki was a Healer.  His development of mico current applications have changed the lives of many people and his legacy will continue to benefit others in the future.  Miss you Dad.



Staining Stone Counters

Stone counters and floors are beautiful, natural and, as they say ‘hard as rock.’  After 10+ years of living with beautiful granite and marble counters, I have just recently managed to stain my counters leaving me miserable.  We have always heard about the red wine glass stain to be aware of, but frankly I have never experienced any staining at all, let alone dishwasher soap, lemon, or a newspaper. Sadly, I present the evidence:  the white mark on this granite counter is from dish washer soap that was left on the counter.  I have not been able to remove it.  It is etched into the counter.

These black marks on the marble counter are from a newspaper.  Upon wiping, 50% of the stain was removed.  Two days of spraying with Bio-Green Clean and leaving it to soak was the resolution of this problem.  But I tell you, that is the last time I read a newspaper in the bathroom!

These white marks are from dish soap and lemon juice that touched the marble counter while making a salad.  These stains will not go away.  The solution that I am working on, (with lots of patience), is a putty mixture given to me by my stone fabricator.  This mixture wipes on, then upon drying, you rub it off.  The theory is that by drying, it pulls the stain up from the stone.  This is tedious and way more work than the two seconds it would have taken to wipe the lemon stain up or simply not store your dish soap on the counter (put it IN the sink?)

This is a tiring process and although I have had decades of good experience with natural stone, I am definitely thinking twice before installing it in a home that has multiple users (these stains were all done by people other than myself.)

Keeping Green, Christine


Connecting the Dots of Electromagnetic Frequencies

Years ago I spent time calling around to Universities and colleges to see if there was a Masters program that addressed the effects of frequencies on the human body.  I was bounced around from the music department (I mentioned sound frequencies) to the school of medicine yet no one really understood what I was talking about.  I was unsure of it myself. 

I now understand the concept of what I have been searching for.  I believe that we are made up of various levels of frequencies.  We, meaning people, but also animals and plants.  All of us are made up of electromagnetic frequencies.  Humans have seven different layers of frequencies that we know about.  Some of these frequencies can be determined through medical testing, some can be detected through photography, specifically Kirlian photography.

Frequencies are a level/function of electricity which on one level uses water.  Water can be manipulated via electricity or electrolysis to change the molecular structure as well as the ph level.  Our bodies are comprised of water and electricity.  Colors have different frequencies and those frequencies interact with our body frequencies.  Sound and music have different frequencies and those frequencies interact with our body frequencies.  Some people can ‘see’ auras of others.  What they are seeing is our frequency (one of the layers of frequency of our body/soul/mind.)  Those frequencies can be detected and photographed.  They are real and they can be documented.

Some people feel/believe that when the body dies, the soul leaves the body.  I believe that is true.  I believe that the soul is made up of a layer of frequency that can exist without the physical body.  That being said, it would lead to the hypothesis that souls never die, that they continue to exist.  Many people believe that they have been visited by loved ones that have passed away.  This can/could be explained by the theory that the human soul continues to exist on the spiritual level in a frequency that is not detected by the human eye, and, like our existence on earth in a body, we can control where we are going and what we are doing.  Where do we go when our body dies?  Perhaps nowhere, perhaps we will still be 'here.'  Perhaps we ‘live’ a continuing existence in a frequency undetectable by humans.

Will we be happier when we leave the restrictions and limitations of our body?  Will we still fight wars?

Going Green, Christine