We listen, understand, and ultimately create a space that exceeds your expectations. We can see the big picture and are able to balance your aspirations and dreams with your functional needs, timeline and budget.


"OMG...looks AMAZING!!!! Nice work, very happy with it!  Thank you, thank you!! Can't wait to move into it..."

We work with you to create unique and environmentally conscious interiors.

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  • Creating signature projects by developing and creating concepts that reflect YOUR inspirations and needs.
  • Space planning and furniture plans (residential & commercial), that are customized to your lifestyle and maximize your available space for the activities you participate in. We specialize in creating enabling environments that are safe for all people.
  • Lighting design is essential to a successful interior, critical for safety and function, and an important part of your energy plan. It also helps us create the perception of color and space, while guiding our attention to selected areas. We design and specify lights and controls for both natural light and window treatments.
  • As Kitchen & Bath specialists, we know the short cuts, the savings, the energy efficient products and the prices.
  • Selection of materials, finishes and fixtures, including furnishings, flooring, wall treatments, hardware, plumbing, counters, ceiling treatments, appliances, window treatments, interior and exterior lighting and colors and accessories.  We research eneregy efficienct, non toxic building practices, materials and finishes. We do the research on the products and installation to guide you to the right choices.
  • Custom cabinetry and furniture designed for your lifestyle and budget.
  • Branding for businesses who want their environments to reflect their stated brand, mission and vision.
  • Budgets, Timelines, and Feasibility plans help you evaluate and monitor your projects.
  • Purchasing Service for the convenience of our clients. 

We design for you and the environment. Together, we make a difference.

The building industry consumes more than 30% of the total energy and 60% of electricity in the United States annually. Every time we remodel a room or build a new structure, we have the opportunity to change the impact we make on the environment.

We envision an environmentally responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves the quality of life. We're LEED accredited professionals, bringing a professional level of sustainability, energy efficiency and non toxic interior environments to all of our projects, no matter what the size or scope.

Here's what we can do together to help:

  • We focus on improving the quality of air inside your space.

  • We follow through by choosing vendors that produce safe and healthy products, which encourages more vendors to follow suit. They're reviewing their own design and manufacturing processes to find greener methods, like reuse and recycling.

  • We choose locally manufactured materials to reduce the energy used for transportation.

Construction & Installation

Christine Suzuki Installations Inc. (#CHRISSI938PA)  offers complete installation services for residential projects including carpet, hard flooring, wall and coverings, tile, counters, plumbing, electrical, and custom cabinetry. We focus on using healthy materials, adhesives and products.

  • Custom cabinetry & furnishings, lighting and window treatments. Installation of cabinetry and millwork, built in furniture, window treatments, hard and soft flooring, counters, lighting and controls.
  • 'Clean'  Construction - white glove construction practices ensure your remodel is clean & dust free.  We are proud to be EPA Certified Renovators and LEED Accredited Professionals with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) (Christine Suzuki Installations Inc. #CHRISSI938PA)
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels - we're experienced professionals that can save you from making costly mistakes.