You had everything planned and designed months ago… . Thanks again for helping
us with this project. I don’t know what I would do without you.

-- Ann Marie Louie

Residential Interior Design/Remodeling

Your environment influences your mood, your abilities and your health.

Designing a home interior is more than selecting paint colors.  Interior designers incorporate space planning techniques that reflect your lifestyle, family and needs.  A professional designer will create a healthy home that is safe for all ages and abilities while creating an inspirational space that incorporates your dreams, aspirations and desires.  A conscientious remodeling contractor will smooth the transition from design to reality while keeping your design intentions intact.

Your interior communicates to you...without words, a room can invite you in, ask you to sit down, spur your imagination and soothe your fears. It can be a call to an adventurous journey or it can be a cocoon of warmth and safety.  What does your home say to you?