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Twas the Night before New Years

Twas the night before New Years, and Sally was sad,

Her kitchen had problems, the layout was bad.

She tossed and she turned to think what to do, 

'Can I have an island?', her options were few.

She needed advice to help her despair,

Christine the designer said, 'I will be there!'

The refer was move to open the aisle,

The back splash renewed to now be of tile.

An island was made for storage and sink, 

New venting was used to take out the stink.

The space plan was solved, decor was a treasure.

'My job here is done, now go cook with pleasure.'

Christine then did smile, as she drove out of sight,

'Nifty kitchens for all  and to all a good night!'


Where to place water filtering/ionizing systems into an existing home?

Kitchen sinks and bar sinks are the most popular locations.  But will it fit in those locations?First of all, it is important to point out that the ‘faucet’ part of the system fits into any regular faucet hole in your counter.  There are two things to look for: 1) an available faucet hole, or an area available by a sink to create a new faucet hole. 2) space in sink cabinet for the filtering/ionization system.

Faucet holes can be made available by a) removing an existing faucet b) changing the existing faucet that has the spout and handle in separate holes to a newer faucet that has the handle attached to the spout c) removing a soap dispenser d) removing an existing filtered water faucet e) changing the existing faucet that has a separate hole for the spray f) drilling a new hole

The space needed in the sink cabinet is 5 1/2” wide x 14 1/8” long x 14” high. 

A typical sink cabinet has the sink and plumbing located in the center of the cabinet, leaving the sides as potential areas to place this system.  There may be a garbage disposal that is occupying space in the sink cabinet.  Installation of the system is EASY with the clear instructions provided.Box fits in sink cabinet  

Retail price is $4995.00 (call me for discounted pricing.)  Considering that bottled 9.0 alkaline water sells for $3.00 bottle and massages cost around $95 (are you buying large bottled water and carrying it home?) and that this system successfully filters out all contaminants AND has the option of producing Alkaline water, this investment is well worth the money spent.  This is a household ‘appliance’ that has far reaching health benefits for your entire family.


Not your ordinary kitchen sink

Are you familiar with apron front sinks?  They are usually installed in traditional kitchens, country kitchens and summer homes.  This year, APRON FRONT SINKS ARE BACK with zest!  And they are significantly different than the existing styles.  Some apron front sinks require custom made cabinets that can support 200 pounds!  Hand made sinks can have enough variance in dimensions that you have to wait until the sink arrives to start building the custom cabinet. NOT THESE NEW SINKS. 

Straight from KBIS (annual Kitchen and Bath show), is the new Apron-Front sink from Kohler; the Whitehaven self trimming under mount sink.  Kohler is smart;  they made this sink for both new construction and for remodelers.  This new, clean lined sink is available with both a 9" and a 7"  front that can fit into an existing 36" sink cabinet.  Available in all the standard colors it comes with a counter top cutout template for "perfect, predictable  installation results." 


I am REALLY excited about the new Vault sink.  This is a Contemporary Apron-Front Sink. Isn't that an oxymoron?  This sink is sweet, clean lined, under mount and contemporary.  PLUS, if one of your objections to apron-front sinks is the single basin feature, wait no more.  Kohler is smart again, they have a version of the Vault that has a low divide, providing division, but still retaining the apron-front sink look.   Even sweeter, they come with a metal bottom basin rack at no extra charge!  I'm sold!

For more information on the Vault sink visit our 'Featured Products' page on this website. 

I look forward to hearing your comments and responses to these products.  Please email, call or respond to this blog! 206.517.4424   Ciao!