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The Non-discriminating Shower

What is a non-discriminating shower?  The non discriminating shower is a good thing for everyone.  Everyone can use the shower and can have a showering experience just as good as the next person regardless of their sex, height, age, gender, or mobility. Interpreted to remodeling jargon, it is a shower that has a zero threshold entrance (no curb), has a hand shower that is accessible to people of all heights including those seated in wheel chairs, has a large enough area for a person in a wheel chair to turn around, has shower niches so that the shampoo is not on the floor, usually has a place to sit down and has grab bars for safety.

As I continue to remodel bathrooms, I am aware of the trend of 'non-discriminating' showers and I believe that it is more than a  trend - It is here to stay!    Everyone loves these showers, they love that they are large, they love the hand showers, they love the shower niches, they love the benches (I use it to shave my legs) (more information than you probably want to know)  I always recommend extra blocking in the walls for future grab bars even if the client does not want them at the time of the remodel.  It virtually costs nothing to add in blocking while you have the walls open.  Children, adults, and elderly of all abilities enjoy showering in these showers.  It is really an all for one and one for all remodeling winner!


Sustainable living -Let's stay home


Most of us want to stay in our homes until the very end.  In other words, none of us wants to go to a 'rest' home or skilled nursing facility.  Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to remaining in your home, Is Your Home.    As interior designers, we have both the knowledge to design safe environments as well as the aesthetic talent to keep your home looking sophisticated as opposed to clinical.  Almost of all of our suggestions can easily be incorporated into your current remodeling projects.  It just makes sense to plan for your future. 

There are quite a few opportunities to create safe healing environments so I will start off with a basic challenge:

BARRIERS.  Look at the picture above - this is one example of a curb less shower. It is not only barrier free, but it looks great!  While we are looking at it, notice the hand shower and the built in shelving for toiletries.  Other barriers in a home include doorways that are too narrow for a wheel chair to pass, unsafe or non existing transfer seats to safely enter a bathtub, and regular stairs.  Stairs to get in the house, stairs or level changes to move from room to room, etc.  For small elevations, ramps can safely be installed.  For a flight of stairs, there are chair lifts available that can move you from floor to floor.  If you have a 'vertical' home, consider adding an elevator during one of your remodels.  A typical closet or powder room is often located directly above/below another closet or powder room, making it the perfect location for your elevator!

Other 'sustainable living' issues that I will address in future blogs are safety and healing environments.

Keep safe!  Christine