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Why are kitchens layouts so Mid-Century?

Have you ever wondered why and who decided that all the washing of the dishes is going to be at the same location as where you wash and peel your vegetables, which is usually the same location as your garbage disposal, which is usually the same location as your garbage can (under the sink) ? I'm sure it made sense 50 years ago or so, but why do we continue with old traditions that do not work any more?

Is there a reason why the layout cannot reflect the way we prep, clean and cook in the 21st century? NO! Let's move forward with our lives! Let's make our environments work for us, not the other way around!

It makes sense to separate the 'prep' area from the 'clean up' area.  The clean up area can have the large sink, and dishwasher.  The garbage can should be in a 'pull out' by the clean up area NOT under the sink.  The pull out garbage unit should have TWO bins, one for regular garbage and a second one for recycling.

The 'prep' area should have it's own sink such as the Crevasse  from Kohler.   This has been my favorite sink (and an under appreciated one)since it came out a couple years ago.  You can scrape your scraps right off the cutting board into the narrow sink drain which is compatible with all garbage disposal styles.  Plus you can either center that sink on an island allowing access for two people across from another, or, you can pull that sink closer to you towards the edge of the counter.  You can also straddle the sink with the cutting board and toss your scraps off on the side into the sink.  All sorts of options! One push of a button and 'whoosh!' water flows down the angled sink, bring all the scraps into the garbage disposal.  Now that's progress!

Plus, I'm sure you Seattle-ites know that I didn't forget the composting garbage bin!  This type of garbage should be located by the 'prep' area NOT at the main sink.  Check out this model whose lid opens and the entire unit slides forward as the door is opened.  No more food marks on the lid!  As you know, the tops are important in order to contain the small of these bins.  The inner container has a built-in handle for easy removal.  All of these composting bins are necessarily small, because you just do not want to have that much food rotting in your house.

Now don't get me started on refrigeration!

Contact me (206) 517-4424 if you have questions or more solutions! Ciao!