Hugh Blane, Effectiveness Institute


You have no idea how excited I am about this project. You have been wonderful to work with, and as I mentioned to everyone in the meeting last night, there wasn’t one suggestion or design that I didn’t like! Thank you, thank you, thank you and I look forward to our next conversation and getting this into motion!
-- Mikki Ellingsen, Operations, Effectiveness Institute 

Commercial design

Branding Shouldn't Stop at the Logo

We design commercial interiors to reflect your selected branding, mission and vision. Visual clues are used to communicate your brand and style through space design, color selection and textural components.

Efficiency saves money

Good design and space planning maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, while maintaining workplace safety. It also makes the most of existing assets while minimizing energy and remodeling costs.

LEED Projects

We follow the LEED guidelines for the research and design of energy efficient, nontoxic buildings. Many commercial owners are pleasantly surprised at the cost savings of an energy efficient LEED Certified building.

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 photo by William Wright